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Authenticity is not Sharing everything about yourself, Rather, it’s  saying what you mean. Meaning what you say.

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I motivate Myself and feel motivated when  Voltix is granted with a Project:  Whether is a General contractor  Builder, Management Company or a home owner. Our Goal is to assist those who are searching for our Services.

I believe in our Company -Purpose-Vision-Mission-Values and Goals. 

As the Corporate Management  team

I Believe in being trustworthy, reliable, and accountable to my actions and Behaviors.

Been responsible as an Employee and accountable to my co-workers and providing fitting skills at Voltix inc.

 I believe in the power of adapting to new surroundings and situations, Learning new skills and experiences to make them my own. 

I Believe in setting Up Goals, work hard, and smart to successfully achieve them.

Working on a Company that was founded in  second quarter of  2019 is been  a great challenge.  Here at Voltix I strive to produced a transparent and Understandable Electrical proposals for Builders, Customers, and the Success of a positive Business relation ship.  

In all aspects of my life I think strategically, I develop plans, execute them and Measure their success. 

Within all aspects of my life I strive for Integrity, Honesty and trustworthiness very powerfully words that are hard to achieved but not impossible.


“We don't Change the world by the way we look at it.

We change the world by the way we live in it.”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.